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Ellie, Kaia & Tara (in front)Our introduction to the pure bred Border Collie goes back to 1989, when we purchased our  first dog ... her name was "Tara".  Tara was a chocolate and white border collie that came to live with us as our companion ... not as a show dog, or a performance dog, but our companion.  Never in our wildest dreams did we think that this partnership would have such an impact on our lives.  This girl was just ... just the most amazing dog that you could ever meet.


In 1996 Finealta Border Collies was established with the purchase of "Ellie" (Aust Ch Cyndee Simply Elegant CD ET) who introduced us to the world of showing.   In 1997 "Kaia" (Gremaric In Your Dreams ET) came to live with us.  We haven't looked back since,  in fact showing has become a big part of our weekends ... you could say that we caught the 'bug' just like so many other people.  These two lovely ladies now form the foundation of our kennels.

Along the way we have enjoyed the thrill of competing in the breed and performance rings, as well as meeting some wonderful people along the way, which we are very proud to be associated with and call our friends ... we have included their websites on our Links page, so please take the time to visit them also.

With the wonderful breakthroughs that have been made available to us for CEA and CL testing, we are pleased to say that all our breeding stock is DNA tested for both these hereditary diseases as well as Hip and Elbow scored.  With our breeding program we are constantly striving to improve what we already have, with an emphasis on soundness, health, temperament, and type.

A special 'Thank You' to Melissa Dean and Brett Farrell of Benshiva Border Collies, who took us from knowing absolutely nothing about setting up a website and pointed us in the right direction, so that we could get our website up and running ... THANK YOU.

We do hope that you enjoy your visit to our site ... we will be continually updating our website so please come back often to see what is new.



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